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Light House Kewaunee City Sunrise in Kewaunee County Lighthouse and Night Sailing on Lake Michigan Eagles in Kewaunee County

The Kewaunee County Board Welcomes you to the Kewaunee County Web Site.


—Quick Links—
Sheriff's Department 
Public Health 
Emergency Management 
Parks and Recreation 
Deketo (CherryLan) 
Property Tax Info 
Algoma City 
Kewaunee City 
Village of Casco 
Village of Luxemburg 

—Upcoming Meetings—
Highway/SW Meeting - 10/24/2014  
ADRC / COA - 10/28/2014  
Highway/SW Committee Meeting - 11/6/2014  
Health, Vets & Child Support - 11/10/2014  
Land & Water Committee Meeting - 11/11/2014  
Law / Emergency Management - 11/11/2014  
Promotion & Recreation - 11/11/2014  
Human Services - 11/12/2014  
Extension & Zoning - 11/12/2014  
Finance Committee Meeting - 11/13/2014  

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