Polco - Vote on Local Issues

Kewaunee County has launched Polco, an advanced public survey system.  This service gives Kewaunee County residents the opportunity to provide their opinion on local issues and county government within a matter of minutes and at a time convenient to them.

News Release: Kewaunee County Adopts Innovative Public Engagement Platform & How to Register

Current Questions on Polco:

NEW: How satisfied are you with Kewaunee County government? Posted 12/4/18

Are you better off, worse off, or essentially the same as you were a year ago? Posted 10/15/18

Are you supportive of Kewaunee County's jail planning process, do you have any concerns or suggestions? Posted 9/11/18

Should Kewaunee County invest money into broadband internet access, if so how much? Posted 8/6/18

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