Polco - Vote on Local Issues

Kewaunee County has officially launched Polco, an advanced public survey system.  This new service gives Kewaunee County residents the opportunity to provide their opinion on local issues and county government within a matter of minutes and at a time convenient to them.

News Release: Kewaunee County Adopts Innovative Public Engagement Platform

Current Questions on Polco:

New: How often do you use Kewaunee County's public libraries in Algoma and Kewaunee?

New: How do you get your Kewaunee County related news?

New: How would you rate Kewaunee County as a place to work?

New: How would you rate the quality of life in Kewaunee County compared to four years ago?

What types of additional recreation would you like to see at Winter Park?

How would you rate your experience at Winter Park?

Have you ever visited Winter Park in Kewaunee County?

What are/would be your favorite things to do at Winter Park in Kewaunee County?

Have you ever rented equipment to ski or snowboard at Winter Park in Kewaunee County?

Which winter activities interest you most?

How often do you visit Kewaunee County parks?

How satisfied are you with Kewaunee County Government?

What places or activities do you enjoy most in Kewaunee County?


Do you believe the Kewaunee County economy is getting better, staying same or getting worse?


What is the most important issue facing Kewaunee County?

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