Ground Water Information

Groundwater Information









My well tested positive, now what should I do? 

       CDC: Treatment of Well Water

       WI-DNR: Information for Homeowners with Private Wells

       WI-DNR: Water Quality and Contamination in Private Wells

       EPA: Private Drinking Water Wells


 Studies and Research:

       Final Report of the Northeast Wisconsin Karst Task Force (pdf)

       Kewaunee County Voluntary Well Testing Program-Map of Results 2004-2015 (pdf)

       Kewaunee County Voluntary Well Testing Program-Map of Results with Karst Data 2004-2015 (pdf)

       Final Report-Groudwater Collaboration Workgroup-June 2016 (pdf)

       Want to learn more about your well and drinking water?  Participate in an Individual well drinking water assessment program.(pdf)

      Project Phoenix Final Report (Note: File May Take Longer to Download)

      Water Qualities of the East Twin River and Unnamed Tributaries to the East Twin River and Krok Creek, Kewaunee County



 Printable Materials:


   Bacteriological Contamination of Drinking Water Wells (pdf)

   Well Chlorination in Arsenic Sensitive Areas-Is too much a good thing? (pdf)

   Nitrates in Drinking Water (pdf)

   Tests for Drinking Water from Private Wells (pdf)

   Pesticides in Drinking Water (pdf)

  Arsenic in Drinking Water (pdf)

  Public Health Groundwater Ordinance and Maps

   East Twin River Aquatic Life Survey Resolution and Letters of Support (pdf)



Financial Assistance Programs:

       WI-DNR Well Compensation Grant

       Lakeshore Community Action Program

       USDA Single Family Homes Repair Loans and Grants

       USDA Household Water Well System Grants

       Household Water Well Program Loan Fact Sheet





Facts and Statistics:

      United States Geological Survey-Groundwater Data and Policies for Kewaunee County

      National Agriculture Statistics Service, Wisconsin Quick Stats (includes acres in production and cops produced)

      Wisconsin Milk Cows (pdf) 

      Wisconsin All Cattle and Calves (pdf)




Additional Resources:


       UW-Extension: Understanding Manure Irrigation

      What to Do in Case of a Spill and Who to Contact

       CDC: Well testing

       Kewaunee County Public Health Dept: Well Water Testing Information page

      Considerations for the Use of Manure Irrigation Practices: Report for the Wisconsin Manure Irrigation Workgroup (pdf)

      UW Discovery Farms Program

      Manure and Drinking Water

      Temporary water for private well users affected by fecal bacteria contamination from livestock-NR 738 

   Information for Private Well Owners with Potential Livestock Contamination 

   The Chapter 37 "Agricultural Waste and Process Wastewater Irrigation Ordinance" 

   Well Water Testing Presentation - Slides from Dr. Mark Borchardt 

   Well Water Testing Presentaton - Slides from Dr. Maureen Muldoon 

   Information on Water Levels in the Aquifer - Website (Note: Link May Take Longer to Download)  


Contact Us:

Kewaunee County Land & Water Conservation Department 

(920) 845-9700





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