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Scanned Right of Ways Plats

County Highway Right of Way Plat Scanning Project

In 2008 Kewaunee County used some of its WLIP grant funding to scan existing ROW plats for the county highways into pdf files.  These ROW plats were done over a period of several years by Ayres and Associates Inc. for the Kewaunee County Highway Department.  Recently, the remainder of available hard copy ROW plats in the Land Information Office were scanned and compiled to complete this project.  For a current status map of scanned CTH ROW plats available from this web-site click Here.

This web page was created as a resource for land surveyors who are doing work in Kewaunee County.  However, it is not necessarily an all-inclusive source of county highway ROW information.  As in the past, a trip down to the Kewaunee County Highway Department may still be necessary.  There very well could be a more recent ROW plat available or additional ROW plats available at the Highway Department.  Neither, Ayres and Associates Inc. nor the Kewaunee County Land Information Office shall be held liable for any data obtained from this web page that is found to be inaccurate, incomplete, or no longer current.

The county highways are shown as thicker, brown segments on the status map.  The red parts of these segments are the areas where our office does not have any available ROW plat information.  As you can see, not all stretches of our county highways have a scanned ROW plat.  Just because our office does not have ROW information available for these red areas doesn't mean that there was never a ROW plat completed for these areas.  If a ROW plat does exist for one of these red areas, though, it will require some more extensive "digging" down at the Kewaunee County Highway Department to uncover it.  If anyone does find a ROW plat for one of these red areas please let us know so we can scan and add it to this web-site.  Hopefully, with your help, this web-site will eventually become an all-inclusive source of Kewaunee County ROW information.

Right click on a link below and then "Save Target As" to download a zip file containing all available scanned ROW plats.  Adobe Reader is required.

Get Adobe Reader here.

CTH A    CTH AB    CTH B    CTH BB    CTH C    CTH D    CTH DK    CTH E    CTH F    CTH FF    CTH G    CTH H

CTH J    CTH K    CTH L    CTH M    CTH N    CTH O    CTH P    CTH Q    CTH S    CTH T    CTH U    CTH V    CTH X

Available State Highway Scanned ROW Plats                Available Town Road Scanned ROW Plats

Available Railroad ROW Plats

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