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Tree Planting Program

This program is for people who want to do a large tree planting project.  Trees are grown at the Griffith State Nursery and distributed locally by the Kewaunee County Land & Water Conservation Department.

For more information on this program please contact the Kewaunee County LWCD or visit the DNR's web-site at: 


In the past Kewaunee County's Tree & Shrub program has utilized nursery stock from Evergreen Nursery in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  This program is designed for people who want to plant only a few trees, and are looking for nursery stock that is high quality and has a good survival rate.

This program is not intended for large tree plantings.  For people who want to do large plantings, the DNR Tree program is probably the best option.

For more information please contact the Kewaunee County LWCD.


Tree Planter Information

Tree Planter Rental Agreement Form

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